In the beginning was the word, the word was Automation. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 brought not only the replacement of mechanization by automation but also the development of artificial intelligence and robotization.

Our company specializes in connecting the new digital world and industrial production processes according to Industry 4.0 standard. Within the implementation of industrial automation, we provide complete software engineering, i.e. programming of industrial machines and lines, including the creation of applications, visualization and PLC programming tailored to the specific needs of specific customers.

We create automation software on a tested standard, reducing the risk when commissioning production lines and machines. We also provide our customers with other services, such as electrical installation, diagnostics or technology optimization based on information obtained during the recovery or commissioning. Thanks to our programming experience with Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, Wago, AMiT and TECO PLCs, we can adapt to virtually any requirements of our customers.

We work with Siemens SIMATIC industrial automation systems. We hold the Functional Safety Certificate according to ČSN EN 61508 and SIMATIC ST-7PRO1 for Siemens systems

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