Software Development

We offer custom-made software system development. We specialize in developing SCADA systems, OPC systems or master systems MES a ERP not only for industrial production and storage.

We offer analysis and design processing for specific application deployment by the customer. Analysis and design includes an assessment of existing technologies and systems used by the customer and options for expansion or change depending on new requirements. The initial analysis is further drawn from during processing UML.

For application development, we use our own XCom.Net and PDS.Net libraries, which support a variety of communication protocols and plugins. For example, libraries support protocols such as REST API, MQTT, AWS and plugins such as Oracle SQL, MS SQL, JSON, XML, SAP.


The structure of software is purely customer choice and specific implementation. For your idea, consider the superior manufacturing system. This system may consist of several units. The main part of the system is the software running, as a service on the server, which today is mostly an instance of a Windows server. The service on the server shares and receives data with production technologies, such as PLC, IPC, robots “vendor-specific” systems. Processed data can be read and stored using SQL database. There is also the option to connect “Fat” clients, e.g. as an interface for touch panel operation and maintenance. For efficient work, we recommend “Thin” clients, which are solved using a web interface that is not dependent on the device and operating system.

Graphical interfaces for the customer are always chosen according to the requirements of the operator and maintenance effort. For simple program solutions, such as linking the PLC to an already running customer system, we use the simple, but also clear CLI, as frequent intervention is not necessary during standard operation. For cases where an operator is required to operate the system, the WPF application is chosen, as a great option GUI. For effective monitoring of production performance by production management, a web browser is chosen.

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